Rotary Drum Dryer

The rotary drum dryer is able to continuously and quickly dry many kinds of materials. 

Burner Fuel : Diesel or Gas

Capacity : 1.5 up to 8m²

“Depending on the size of the dryer and the material to be dried”



Rotary Stone Drum

A rotary stone drum is used to give the stones an aged look.

Capacity : “Depending on the size of the Drum”




Soft Mud Mixer


Single shaft mixers are used for mixing clay with water or steam to achieve a plasticity that is suitable for the soft mud brick production. The amount of water or steam which is added to the clay can be electronically controlled

Bulb Press


The clay clot proportioning device is designed to mix the clay to the correct ratio and to proporize it to the desired clay clot for the production of hand made bricks.

Multi Format Mixer Press

A soft mud brick press with automatic mould circuit Clay is prepared and mixed with water, in readiness for the production process The clay is pressed directly from the mixer into the moulds. In this (NL) factory each mould makes 7 standard bricks 7 bricks are pressed each cycle The “circuit” has fully automatic washing and sanding of the mould boxes The moulds must be washed clean, then sanded each cycle Standard or special shapes are all possible Brick production up to 5000 bricks per hour depending on the size of the moul